HOFKEES Tributes

These tributes are made to those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Tribute to Our Vixon

Vixon was a truly great dog. 

Versatile in every way from the show ring, to being a mascot and home where she always took a bow after her antics.  She was my heart dog and the second mascot in my grooming van touching everyone she met. 

Vixon lost her battle with stomach cancer in September of 2010. We miss her dearly.


Tribute to Our Jenny

Jenny came to us unloved and neglected.  She finished her AKC Championship within 6 months.  Jenny gave us 5 lovely puppies - 2 boys and 3 girls. 

Jack received his AKC Championship and won several Group placements, while the two girls finished their AKC Championships.

We placed Jenny with a loving family and her life was cut short by a mysterious death. Unfortunately, we will never know what happened to our beloved Jenny.

Jack is in his forever home with a loving family.


Tribute to Our Adam

Adam was 1 of 3 puppies born of my beloved Valerie.  We called them the Bonanza litter we had Hoss (yes, she was big), Little Joe and Adam.  Adam never turned out to be the show dog we wanted. His head was too narrow, muzzle too long, great bite and used it on strangers he didn't know (my fault, bad mom, didn't socialize him properly) and I learned early with Chihuahuas that they are not born already trained and friendly to everyone.  At 9 years old he started coughing and we learned he had severe heart congestion.  He was only supposed to live until the end of summer but with human compounded medication, lasix and change in diet to Royal Canin Healthy Heart formulation his level reversed from 5 to 1 1/2.  Quite an accomplishment for such a little guy.  Dr. Michael Phelps at Coit Animal Clinic was so impressed with Adam's comeback after a year, that instead of asking me how was he doing and expecting the worse, he would say "So what is Adam up to now"?  We would laugh when I told of Adam's trips flying to Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, to Wisconsin on the ferry and surrounding states by car or motorhome, his daily career of making sure he scared away the robins in his yard and how I yelled and said "Adam quit running".  My husband and I took everyday as a gift and would tease each other that he was our little brown football because we carried him.  Adam lived 4 years longer at the age of 13 he passed away sleeping by his dad.

Tribute to Tucker

Tucker was a beautiful rough collie that I groomed for 5 yrs.  He broke through his invisible fencing playing with a Black Labrador Retriever on November 11, 2009. 

We received calls with sightings of Tucker and used a tracking dog but never found him. 

My husband Kevin and I spent many evenings and weekends looking for him with Tucker's owners. We also used the help of our beloved Vixon who passed away in September of 2010. 

We never found Tucker but to this very day I keep a watchful eye open in hopes that I can reunite him with his family once again.  His family and I will never stop looking for Tucker.

Download the Lost Dog Flyer for Tucker

Tribute to Bucky

Bucky was challenging and hated to be groomed and try as I might, he never made it easy or enjoyed it.  My husband asked me why do I groom Bucky? My answer was because he probably had been hurt while being groomed and had also been sedated enough just to be groomed and needed my relaxed and loving ways. 

Tribute to Chico

Tribute to Maxwell

Maxwell never wanted to leave his dad -  George.  He was a devoted pup and was very sweet. 


Tribute to Maggie

Maggie was a true terrier in every way.  She was an avid hunter and a feisty girl.  Her mom made our family wonderful butter cookies for Christmas.  I will miss that little "bad-to-the-bone" Maggie.

Tribute to Ginger

Ginger was my favorite Wire Fox Terrier client. She never complained and was the sweetest Terrier I ever groomed.  She was acquired by her owner, Bill, several years ago when his ex-girlfriend no longer wanted her.  Ginger had larger siblings to take to task; Bo a greyhound, a Great Pyrenees and the latest, Bear the Bernese Mountain Dog and she put all of the boys in their place.  She patrolled her yard with vigilance for any vermin that might trespass and would try to escape the yard when she could.  She was a little character.  Rest in peace little girl.


Tribute to Annie

Annie was a wonderful companion to Carol.  She was a big girl - part Labrador and part Chow Chow (purple tongue) with a sweet disposition.  She had one vice, she hated her nails trimmed. It was a challenge and perhaps a game with Annie to see how creative I could be.


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